Assessment Information

General Information

SouthState Bank (formerly CenterState Bank) will process all homeowner payments.
The current maintenance amount is $136.00 per month.
They are due on the first of each month. If payments are not received by the 15th there is a $25 Late Fee that will be charged.
Checks and Money Orders should be made payable to Nautica HOA.

Payment Information

If you wish to have your account debited automatically from your bank account each month, kindly complete the ACH Authorization Form and return it with a voided check to Nautica Office or via email to [email protected]

ACH Authorization Form  Download

Important: If you already have your payment deducted from your checking account automatically each month, this will continue normally from year to year. There is no requirement on your part to take any action, however if you are currently using this service and wish to cancel, please send a signed note requesting the cancellation as soon as possible to [email protected].

You will be able to access your account information and make online payments using either e-check or credit cards.  To make your payments, please go to our website at  This website has been designed to allow you the convenience of making your payments online and accessing your account information. 

On your first visit to the website, you will need to register.  Simply click on the “Register” button and complete the information required.  Once your registration request is validated by Quality Management Group, you will receive an email with a link to set your password.

Either for Bank bill pay or if you are mailing a check with the coupons provided, please be sure to mail the check with enough time for processing. Also, please ensure the check has the House/Lot number noted under Account Number. The mailing address is as follows:

C/O Quality Management Group

PO Box 162040
Miami, FL 33116-2040

Important: Quality Management Group nor Nautica HOA is responsible for late fees that accrue due to delayed processing from the postal service.